Elif’s Art Studio

About the Artist

Elif Bannister is a self-taught abstract artist who currently lives in Bradenton, Florida. She was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1981, and has had a pen, marker, paintbrush or a pencil in her hand almost ever since. What started as doodling on notes in school turned into a full obsession by early adulthood. While working from home, she was able to find her creative spark was turning into a bonfire of abstract interpretive art that would soon lead to several gallery showings. She has been showing in the Sarasota, Florida area intermittently for the past 10 years. She also has had an exclusive showing in Istanbul. When asked about why she chose abstract as her subject matter, she replied with:

“I love abstracts above all other because the viewer gets to find new things in each piece every time they see it. I love hearing about what each person sees
in each creation.”

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